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Clearfield Cable Repair

Clearfield Garage Door Cable Repair

Clearfield Utah mapOne major service that we, at A Plus Garage Doors, offer to the people of Clearfield is repairs and replacements of garage door cables. A cable helps a modern garage door open and close automatically and smoothly by winding and unwinding on a drum that connects to the opener. A garage door cable is a simple component of a relatively straightforward system, but there’s still a lot of things that can go wrong if your door isn’t taken care of or doesn’t undergo routine maintenance.

What Goes Wrong With Cables?

While a cable and what it does is fairly simple, there are still an array of different issues that can pop up. The most common issue that we see at A Plus Garage Doors is that the cable becomes unrolled and tangled around the drum. This makes it impossible for the garage door to open or close past a certain point, and can even cause further damage. Aside from tangles, when a cable is too far unwound from the drum, it makes it so that the opener isn’t actually affecting the door.

Hiring a Professional

Professional services should be called upon for most garage door-related services, but especially for garage door cables. The tension that builds up in these steel cables can make them dangerous, should they break and fly around. This can potentially cause harm to person and property, as well as create a far more expensive problem than you originally had. As such, getting a professional to come and handle the job ensures that it is done well, efficiently, and safely.

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