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Spring Repair for Clearfield Garage Doors

Clearfield Utah mapModern garage door systems enable us to open and close our garages automatically, without having to manually lift or shut the actual door. This would be impossible without the help of the spring, which is one of the most important components of any garage door, today. A Plus Garage Doors has the experience and knowledge to help Clearfield business and homeowners with their garage door-related issues, and can ensure that your spring is repaired or replaced in a safe and reliable manner.

Types of Springs

Depending on the type of garage door and opener you have, the type of spring that is in your system can differ. There are two key types of garage door spring that operate in a similar fashion, but have different benefits. Learn more about these types, below:


  • Extension. The most common spring for home garages is the extension spring, which are generally more affordable. Extension springs extend when the garage door opens. This creates a sort of counterbalance that makes the engine in the opener operate smoothly.
  • Torsion. For heavier-duty garage doors, torsion springs tend to be more effective and reliable. Rather than extend, these types of springs twist even tighter together to create pressure when a garage door opens. While torsion springs are more expensive, they last a bit longer and have a higher weight limit.


The right spring for you is highly dependent on your budget and the type of garage door you have on your home or business.

Getting Help from the Experts

Of all the components in a garage door that you shouldn’t replace, yourself, there’s none that more commonly cause injury than the spring. Because a spring always has a significant amount of tension, when that tension breaks, the spring can fly out and cause serious lacerations. Many of our technicians have actually been pretty cut up by a loose spring. As such, it’s crucial to leave this type of repair to the professionals.

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