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Lehi Garage Door Repair and Installation

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Lehi is one of Utah’s smaller cities, but its growing fast. With its roots as an old farming town, there are a lot of Utah original style buildings in the area, but with the current tech expansion, there are a lot of modern properties going up as well.

A+ Garage Doors has the knowledge and experience to repair older style garages, and install new ones to meet the needs of your property. Don’t hesitate to Contact Us today to get additional information about what we can do for your Lehi property, whether it is traditional or modern.

Garage Door Repair

A+ Garage Doors Technicians can tackle just about any garage issue. From manual to automatic, or barn style to overheads, we are your garage door repair firm. Take a look at our Garage Door Repair Services page to find out more!

Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage doors seem to work all the time, until they suddenly don’t. However, serious garage issues are often the work of missed maintenance. Springs are a commonly over looked part, but because they stretch; it is inevitable that they will need to be replaced. Our expert maintenance techs can help you take care of your springs, before they cause the rest of your garage to get out of shape. Stop by our Spring Repair Services page for more information.

Garage Door Openers and Electronics

Garage door openers and electronics are built to last. Often times, when they don’t work, all it needs is a simple battery change; however, sometimes they require more in depth service, and programming them can sometimes be a chore. Let our technicians help you get your garage running the way that you want it to, and help you keep it that way. Take a look at our Garage Opener and Electronic Services to find out more about electronic garage issues.


Cables are like springs; they are designed to move and like springs, this contributes to their inevitable need for replacement. Many larger issues with garage repair maintenance can be prevented by taking care of your cables. Preventing them from becoming warn out, will reduce wear and tear on the other parts of your door system. Find out more about how A+ Garage Doors can help you with your maintenance needs and drop by ourCable Repair Maintenance page.

New Door Installation

If you’re looking for a new door, then don’t hesitate to contact our expert sales team. They’ll help you find a solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional to the needs of your property. Find out more about our new and custom door at our New Door Site or Contact Us today!

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