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Ogden is a fast growing metropolis located about an hour north of Salt Lake City. Down Town Ogden features many beautiful buildings that are prime examples of original Utah architecture, and the city continues to expand faster with each passing year. With an interesting mix of classical Utah and modern development, it is important to work with an experienced company that can meet the demands of your property.

A Plus Garage Doors sales can help ensure that you get a garage door that emphasizes the unique beauty of your property, whether it features a modern or traditional decor. Our A Plus Garage Doors technicians can service any door or perform installations no matter where you live. Don’t hesitate to Contact Us today to get additional information about what we can do for you.

Garage Door Repair

Given the unique architecture and rapid growth going on in Ogden, it is important to work with a door company that can meet your needs. Our team is more than qualified to address any garage door issues that you may encounter, with any type of garage system. Find out more about our Garage Repair Services.

Garage Door Spring Repair

It’s easy to forget about the individual components of our garages, especially since they seem to work fine most of the time. When something finally goes wrong, it can seem like the problems arose from out of no where. However, garage doors need maintenance like cars, appliances, or any other mechanical object.

One of the most important parts of your garage is the springs. Making sure these parts are taken care of regularly, can greatly influence the overall life of your garage door system. Our technicians can help you get a better understanding of garage maintenance, that will save you money. They can also setup a regular maintenance schedule with you for the same purpose. Find out more about the A Plus Garage Doors Spring Repair Services Here.

Garage Door Openers and Electronics

You probably know how to change the batteries on your garage door opener, but what if something else happens with the electronics? Our maintenance team can take care of any electrical issues with your garage door and opener. They can also help program your new or existing garage door system if necessary. Stop by here to find out more about the expert Garage Opener and Electronic Service from A Plus Garage Doors, Ogden.


Like springs, cables are another part that can easily be overlooked for maintenance. Cables are important to take care of because like springs, they stretch and move overtime. As the cable becomes more maliable, your garage will experience increasing issues. Some issues can be as simple as noises, while others can be more expensive to address— especially in the long run. Find out more about our Cable Repair Maintenance.

New Door Instalation

It is important to find a garage door system that is both functional and asethetically pleasing for your property. A Plus Garage Doors has limitless options to choose from, and expert technicians that can get your door installed and keep it running properly for life. To find out more about new or custom garage doors, visit our New Door Site or Contact Us today!

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