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West Jordan Garage Door Installation and Repair

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West Jordan is a growing city situated between South Jordan and Kearns.  We at A+ Garage Doors understand how important it is that your garage is in tip top shape.  It is the main entry into your home, as well as, a way to express your style.  We also understand that time is of the essence when fixing garage doors, and are always prepared for any situation by keeping a fully stocked truck.  We pride ourselves on having positive customer experiences and customer satisfaction.  


As a locally owned company, we understand the effects of Utah weather on your garage.  We at A+ Garage Doors are equipped to handle any garage door issue, large or small, that may arise to to the biting winter winds or  smothering summer heat. Check out our Garage Repair Services page to learn more about our repairs.  

Garage door spring repair

Garage door spring repair is the most common repair.  Over time, the springs on garage doors wear out, causing an annoying if not dangerous situation for you and your family.  The spring is the most important part of your garage door system, and if it is not repaired immediately, your garage door can stop functioning completely.  

Garage door opener installation and repair

If your garage door opener stops working or is sporadically responsive, getting in and out of your garage can be quite the challenge.  We are equipped to handle any garage door opener repair, or if necessary, we can install a new one.  Call us today to get yours fixed.  

Garage doors and cables

If your garage door cables slip or break, the entire door no longer works the way it was intended.  Our cables are seven times stronger than our competitors’ cables, and have a longer lifespan as well.  If your door is lacking aesthetic appeal due to a dent or break, A+ Garage Doors has what it takes to get it looking nice again.  There is no job too small or too large for our repair team.  


Of course, sometimes your door is beyond repair.  Whether it doesn’t quite match the style of your home,  or if the garage door no longer works, we can fit you with a new door.  We can install everything from the door to the parts that go along with it; so don’t hesitate to contact us today!


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