Storage capacity in garages varies by the size and layout of the garage. It also has a lot to do with overall organization of the space. Finding enough storage space for all of the items in your garage can be a challenge if your garage is on the smaller end of the scale. You may have to get creative with storage options and review the overall organization of your space. The first step in any storage plan is to evaluate exactly what you need to store and what you can get rid of or relocate somewhere else. In small garages with limited capacity, this is crucial. Here are a few helpful storage tips for small garages.


Add Shelves & Use Bins



A great way to make the space more efficient for storage is to utilize shelving to store the majority of items in the garage. Some large items like lawnmowers and large pieces of power equipment will have to remain on the floor, but most smaller items can either fit into storage bins,  be shelved, or suspended from the walls. Using the reconfiguration of the small space as an opportunity to better organize possessions in the garage can help increase the functionality of the garage. When using storage bins, be sure to label the contents for easy reference. Shelving can either be built in to the walls or installed as a free standing option. In either case, make sure the shelving is sturdy and can withstand the weight of the objects you intend to store.


Look to the Ceiling


In small garages you may need to look up for storage opportunities. This means that the ceiling of the garage can be a good potential place for additional storage. Rafters can be used to store items above the ground and well out of the way. If you are going to use the ceiling rafters or construct a dedicated ceiling space for storage, be sure to reinforce it enough to hold the weight of the items you intend to store. Plastic storage bins can be easily stowed in the upper reaches of a garage–especially those containing items you don’t regularly use, such as seasonal items. Adding some ceiling storage to the garage is a great way to utilize a lot of unused space. When your garage has limited capacity in all of the standard places, you may have to look above for more options.


Consolidate Items


If you are really tight on storage space in the garage, you will have to consolidate the items you intend to store. If you’ve already picked over what you need to keep and dedicated the space you will need, it is time to get as much stored in a single location as possible. This may mean trying to fit more into individual storage bins, completely filling available shelves, and utilizing hooks and hangers to suspend items along the walls of the garage where possible. Small garages demand inventive storage solutions, but with some planning and selectivity you can comfortably fit everything you need to store into your garage without resorting to complete renovation of the structure. If you are in dire need of more space, however, upgrading to a larger garage may be the most practical way to accommodate all of the items in your garage.

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