Are you ready for winter? In Utah, this year’s cold season is shaping up to be a doozy, so make sure to prep your yard supplies well before storing them in your garage. Here are some tips to keep your favorite summer tools in great shape, ready to get back to work come springtime.

Clean, Sharpen, and Oil Garden Tools

The tools that help you garden are tough and hardy. But they’re going to need a little extra help to withstand the winter months. You want your tools ready to get to work as soon as spring starts, so don’t postpone caring for them until you need them again next year. Caring for them now will help them last longer, and make it easier to get spring planting and maintenance underway.

Before stowing garden tools, clean them thoroughly. Sharpen any blades, such as those on hedge trimmers, trowels, and shovels. Lastly, prevent rust with a little layer of oil. WD-40 will do, or you can even use a little bit of vegetable oil from the kitchen and it will serve the same function.

Put the Lawn Mower Away

Your lawn mower put in a lot of work this summer. Treat it right by taking care of it before you put it into storage for 5 months.

  • Empty the tank: Gas left stagnant for months at a time can get gummy. It can also clog up the mechanism. Once you empty the tank itself, run the engine until it stalls, to burn any excess gas left in the system.
  • Disconnect the spark plug: This will prevent any accidents as you clean the undercarriage and sharpen the blades.
  • Clean and sharpen: Always use the utmost care while cleaning and sharpening the underside of your mower.

If you don’t want to put in the work yourself, you can bring your mower into any home & garden store for maintenance.

Store or Cover Outdoor Furniture and Grill

There are plenty of odds and ends out in your yard that will suffer if they’re left to the elements over the winter. You can extend the life of your outdoor gear by making sure that it’s safely stowed away. The garage is perfect for this, of course. However, you can also cover items like a BBQ with a tarp. Make sure to bring in items like outdoor pillows and seat cushions, as well! Scan your yard before the first snow to make sure that you aren’t leaving out any favorite basketballs to deteriorate over the winter.