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Tips for Buying a Garage Door
Follow these tips for buying your next garage door for the most positive experience.

Preparing Your Garage for Winter
While it is important to have a well-insulated garage all year round, it becomes especially critical during the biting chill of winter.

Garage Door Safety
Be aware of the safety features of your garage door, and ensure they are always functioning.

Checklist for Garage Door Safety
Make sure to pay attention to your garage door, especially as it begins to age, when the weather drastically changes during the year, or if you begin to notice...

Garage Door Child Safety: Risks and Tips
  Garage door safety has improved vastly over the past several decades, but every year there are still thousands of accidents related to garage doors. Children, in particular, are...

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Unique Space that Use Garage Doors
Garage doors are not limited to garages. There are all sorts of spaces that incorporate particular styles of garage doors into their designs for aesthetic and practical reasons. There...

Keeping Your Garage Looking Great: Maintenance Tips
Maintaining your garage can be something that is easy to overlook and forget about. As primarily a storage space for most people, the garage often goes unmaintained for long...

Garage Security Tips
Garage Security Tips
Garages are vulnerable places for theft. Because many people store expensive equipment and valuables in garages, they are often targeted by thieves. Improving the security on your garage will...

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How to Mend a Squeaky Garage Door
The garage is an important part of your home bringing with it the certainty that your belongings are being protected as best as they can. Because of this, it...

The Future of Garage Doors
Since they were first implemented in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century, there have been many changes made to garage doors, each making them easier...