If your garage door is old and outdated, you may be considering upgrading but you also may be unsure what your options are.  Well, one of the best things to look for in a garage door is insulation. Insulated garage doors provide many advantages over other kinds of doors, and they are still very affordable.

What’s So Great About Insulation?

Insulated garage doors usually consist of several layers of material, including more than an inch of safe and environmentally friendly insulation.  Insulated garage doors are strong and durable, and can last for years.  Insulated garage doors are quiet (often quieter than many other models of doors), and they can even act as an extra barrier against moisture, insects, and burglars.

But, for many people, the main appeal of insulated garage doors is that they help control the temperature in your garage and surrounding areas of your home.  Whether it is hot or cold, an insulated garage door will help keep the temperature comfortable.

The two principal advantages of insulated garage doors are that they:

  1. Regulate the temperature in your garage and home.  If your garage is connected to your home and not insulated, the hot summer sun and the cold winter nights can turn the garage into either a furnace or a freezer.  Regulating the temperature will also help protect any tools, equipment, or storage you are keeping in the garage.
  2. Lower energy costs.  An un-insulated garage door can suck up a lot of the air conditioning and heat from your home, greatly increasing your energy costs.  If you have rooms directly beside or above the garage door, you will also have to use more AC or heat to keep them at a livable temperature.

Insulated garage doors are a great investment, and they can actually help you save money.  If you are ready to upgrade your garage door, contact the best Utah garage door experts.