Since they were first implemented in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century, there have been many changes made to garage doors, each making them easier and safer to use. These advances are being made every year, affecting those with every type of garage door. Learn where these changes are headed, and what you can implement into your own garage to improve its functions.

The smart phone

 smartphone The smartphone has completely revolutionized the way things are done. It is estimated that one in every 5 people own a smartphone. As a worldwide estimate this number is massive considering the iPhone has only been in existence since 2007. As the smartphone continues to gain popularity, it has made a name for itself as a crucial part of daily life. Now the smart phone has become a useful tool when it comes to the garage. Leaving your garage door opener on the visor inside your car has always been potentially dangerous. It would only take a moment for thieves in a parking lot to locate this in your vehicle and take advantage. The technology to use your smartphone as replacement garage door remote has been around for a while, but it is becoming more and more popular. You can do more from your smartphone than just open and close the garage. With this tool you can see if your garage door is open, who has opened it, and turn on the lights of the garage, all while away from home. This is a big advance in terms of security and will ensure safety in your home.

The design

 garage door4 The way your garage door looks from the outside says a lot about your home. There have been many changes made over the years that have been made to the front of garage doors. Each style may be dictated by the area the home is in, or in this case, the year it was installed. In the past few years, the design has become even more important to the garage door than ever before. Instead of the standard look that had become common with most garage doors, shapes and designs are trending now. Post-modernist art has begun to make an impact on the garage as well as the other aspects of the home. For these designs, steel garage doors often look the best. Even with that, the timeless look of wooden garage doors remains popular, and will be a relevant part of the future of garage doors.   Keep up with the latest trends in the technology of your home, including that of the garage. These advances that seem futuristic now have the potential to become commonplace. Find out how they will change the way things are done in your life.   By +Cassie Costner

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