As time goes on the technology used behind garage doors continues to change, making things more convenient. Garage doors haven’t always been what they are today or even used for the same purpose. Take a look back through history at the way garage doors were used and made, and how these practices have changed today.


The beginning


The first garage door is thought to have originated back in 450 BC. These were used to store the chariots in gatehouses, keeping them safe from potential thieves and the elements of the weather. These were not used by everyone, but only the wealthy who had the means to do so. It was these early models that would make way for the electric powered garage and other technologies that would come into play


Modern history

 garage door opener

It wasn’t until the 1900s that garage doors began to gain popularity in the United States. They were first listed as float over doors by Cornell Iron Works, an American manufacturer. It is estimated that these started to come into play as soon as 1902, gaining popularity from there. The single panel and the sectional garage doors came about at separate times, but each made their own impact. These beginning garage doors were powered manually by the user, it wasn’t until later that garage door openers and the electronic functions began to hit the scene. These changes would make things even easier to function.


The electric garage door opener was first developed in 1926 in Hartford City, Indiana by C.G. Johnson. Although they did not become popular until after World War II, the technology continued to change and improve over this time, making it more practical. The lifting power behind the garage door comes from the coiled springs, but the actual movement was made possible by these new electronic functions which are continually improving even today in speed, sound, and other factors.


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By +Cassie Costner

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