Before cars, when the wealthy primarily drove carriages, they kept them in the same barn-type structure as their horses. When the car came along, it seemed natural to simply replace the carriage with the car, right next to the horses and riding gear. Naturally, though, this began to stink up the cars, which upset car owners. So some intelligent individuals settled upon the idea of larger garages that would house only cars – and large numbers of them – for a monthly fee.

This lasted for a while until people decided they needed a more convenient option for stowing their automobiles. Many began building sheds exclusively for housing their cars near their homes. First the shed had outwardly-opening barn doors. Then came the advent of the sliding track, which made it possible for doors to slide to the side, rather than opening outward – this was more practical but required a very wide garage. Innovators then designed a door that was divided into folding sections, making it possible for the door – sliding to the side – to retract into the garage, decreasing the width required of the garage.

In 1921 and 1926, C.G. Johnson invented the overhead folding door and then added an automatic opening for people with disabilities. Today, electric openers have become a standard of convenience for all garage doors.

And there you have it – the history of the garage door from your Utah garage door repair experts!