Electronic garage doors have been a staple of the basic American home since the late 1960s. The garage may not have appeared to change very much, but over the last several decades, there have actually been a lot of drastic changes. Many innovations have been made with the more functional aspects of the garage door, and different design trends have come and gone over the years as well. Today, homeowners are constantly coming up with new ideas for garage spaces, reaching far beyond the tradition of simply storing vehicles. So, if you’re looking for new ideas or to upgrade your garage, we here at A Plus Garage have put together some of our predictions for garage trends in the coming year.

For 2015, the name of the game is form and function. In the last few decades, many homeowners have been extending some of their everyday living into their garage spaces. Whether they are fully converting them for other purposes, or just end up moving the vehicles for a while to make room for an event, every year it becomes increasingly more apparent that garage spaces aren’t just for storage anymore.

Man caves, home salons, workout spaces, and internet storefronts are increasingly challenging our vehicles for their once permanently reserved parking spaces. However, not all homeowners want to keep their cars on the street in the long-term. Even if they do end up converting the entire garage space of their home for other purposes, having an overhead entrance to the home is still a convenience that is hard to give up.

Overhead doors haven’t always been the ideal design for an indoor wall. These doors have traditionally been more about opening and closing quickly to make it easier to move large loads. However, with the passage of time, many innovations have been made to increase the functionality of overhead doors as permanent features of living spaces.

Today, it is possible to get completely insulated garage doors, with double paned glass, custom built to match any decor. These features work great for anyone that is using part or all of their garage for some other function besides storing vehicles. However, these features also benefit those of us that still use our garages for more traditional purposes—for example, working on a car in cold temperatures can be painful and hard on the hands, but having an insulated garage means that the space can be kept heated relatively efficiently. It also makes it easier to utilize the garage for other functions, even if the space hasn’t been converted for any particular purpose. Insulation will also help with cooling in the warm months as well.

Another feature that many homeowners have been more concerned about over the last few years has been sound. Whether it is a distraction in the mancave, an annoyance in the home business, or simply an undesired element of the garagescape: consumers have been asking for quieter doors since their invention. There have been many improvements in overhead door engines since the original chain drive system and most of them are much quieter.

Consumers can now choose between belt drives, screw drives, or—the ultimate in quiet—direct drive. These motors have fewer moving parts, making them, quieter, more power-efficient and more reliable than the chain drives of the past. Many new door systems also come with additional features like battery backup, so that the door still functions in a power outage.

If you’re looking at building a new property or upgrade your existing one and want to know about the latest in garage trends, don’t hesitate to get a hold of A Plus Garage Door. We can help design and install the perfect custom door setup for your property. Whether you are looking to add a cool feature to your man cave, or just make your current garage space more comfortable for work, our team of professionals has the knowledge and experience to meet your needs. We will get you a door that has all the features you need, without sacrificing your style. Call A Plus Garage Door today!