According to, photo eye sensors are “heavy maintenance and are the biggest single service issue related to garage door dealers at any level, a number of sources concede.

The reasons vary from things as simple as cobwebs, to a bump against a sensor. Dust from cleaning out the garage, or a bit of paint can easy obstruct or skew the signal beams and cause the door to be inoperable.  And morning or afternoon sunlight on a sensor can be debilitating as well.”

However, when working properly photo eye sensors provide the perfect protection.  When in motion, they are built to detect any movement beneath the garage door and stop the garage door in its tracks before it can crash down on top of anyone or anything.

Due to their sensitive nature, photo eye sensors are not the most reliable tool.  In order for the signal beams to communicate the two sensors must be lined up properly at all times and unfortunately our garage is a place where cars, kids, dirt, and wind are common guests.

The most commonly reported problems of these sensors are related to improper installment and installment in an unsafe location.   At Garage Doors, we promise exceptional service and a lifetime warranty on nearly all of our Utah garage doors and garage door elements.  We can ensure your photo eye sensors are installed correctly in a safe location. For more information about photo eye sensors contact us, your reputable Utah garage door company, for more details!