Your garage door is the only thing separating your cars, four-wheelers, boats, and other valuables from the corrosive elements of the world outside. What’s more, your garage door constitutes up to two-thirds of your home’s front, meaning it plays an important part in the aesthetic of your home. Making sure your garage door is well maintained is important not only to your possessions but also to your appearance. Follow these three steps to keep your garage door from falling to pieces:

  1. Use the right cleaners. Clean your door regularly with a mild detergent and a soft car brush. It’s best to wash your door each time you wash your car. The more regularly you clean your door, the better it will look and the longer it will last.
  2. Easy on the salt. Most of us need to salt our driveways in the winter. To the extent possible, avoid salting the driveway immediately next to the garage door. The less salt that gets on your door, the longer it will last.
  3. Have a regular lube, tune, and inspection. Regular lubrication ensures that your door will continue to open and close as it is meant to. A careful tune-up from A+ Garage Doors also helps to ensure that the door’s rollers never come off the track. We’ll make sure that your door is in ship-shape for a very long time.

For more garage door maintenance and repair help or to have a new door installed in your home, contact the Utah garage door experts!