Investing in a new garage is a big commitment. Whether you are building one onto an existing property you have, or looking for a home that has a garage present, there is much to consider. Take into accounts all aspects of the garage before making your final decision. Having the right garage on your property can make a big difference in the value of your home, and fulfilling any requirements you will need from it during your time there.

First before anything else can be done, you need to be certain that you can build a garage on your property. You will likely need planning permission from the city you live in. This gives you the authority to have a garage built on your intended area, ensuring everything is up to code. 

The Purpose 

The need for a new garage always starts with a purpose in mind. Define what your purpose is for installing the addition. This could be something as simple as a place to store your belongings and car to something more complex like the need for a workshop. Determining what your purpose with the garage will help you determine:

  • What size you will need. This includes space for your car as well as other projects around the area.
  • The storage that is needed. Not just the space on the floor of your garage, but how easy will it be to place shelves along the walls? Account for your belongings, as well as those you are hoping to obtain in the near future.


There are a number of different styles to choose from when it comes to the garage. Make these decisions carefully as for many of these the decision you make will be lasting with your garage. Some important things to consider include: 

  • Whether your garage will be attached or detached. There are advantages to both. You must decide whether you want direct access to your garage from your home, or whether it would be better for your situation to have a garage that is detached from the main living area. A detached garage will make it easier to expand and keep this part secluded from your home.
  • Some garage owners choose to place windows in their garage while others choose to avoid this for the additional security.
  • Choose the type of roofing that will best fit your needs. You can choose to mimic that of your home or go with a different style.
  • Choosing the right door for your garage is essential, not only for practical use but for aesthetic value. Look into the garage door that best suits your needs.

Make these selections based on what will work best for you.


Before putting all this to practical use, it is important to first establish a budget. Make sure that you budget is realistic, and get get the best garage for your needs. Factor in all the costs of material and labor before making the final decision.

There are many things to consider when investing in a new garage door. Make sure that you are prepared to take on the task, building the best garage to suit your needs.

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