When most people think about designing and modeling their home, often the exterior of the house gets neglected, as the interior is the first thing to be planned and designed. Although the interior of your home is incredibly important, it’s also important to not neglect the exterior of your home! Whether you plan to live in this home forever or not, remember that curb appeal is one of the easiest ways to resell a home. People make up their expectations of your home before they even step foot on your walkway, so make sure that the impression that you leave with them is a positive one.



The color of your home is important, and how well it is painted is equally as important. Carefully pick out materials and colors. Select classic colors that you’ll be able to easily accentuate, like taupe, walnut, dark gray, or a cocoa brown.


Accentuate the architecture


What’s beautiful about a midcentury modern home, is the actual architecture of the home. The architecture provides a classic, and timeless, look that will be admired by all passersby. If you’re lucky enough to have a genuine midcentury home, don’t remove any of the classic and distinguishable features that make your home unique. If at all possible, leave the existing windows, fencing, and doors. When replacing is necessary, don’t choose something gaudy to take its place. Choose something from the same period that’s as close to the original as possible. Keep this same thing in mind when choosing a garage door, if you’re thinking of replacing the carport with a garage. Choose a garage door that matches the style of the rest of the doors on the exterior of the home.




You don’t want to overpower your home with excess landscaping when it comes to a midcentury modern home. Think minimal and sustainable. Choose small plants with a pop of color, and use trees to frame your home.




Just like a great outfit, a great home is only made better with the right accessories. The key here is to pick the right accessories. Take your time and be patient as you search for accessories that are the perfect mix of vintage and modern. Wrought iron outdoor seating is the perfect selection for an outdoor patio, and a few well placed sconces will do wonders for the overall appeal.