Unique Uses For Garage Doors

Garage doors are not limited to garages. There are all sorts of spaces that incorporate particular styles of garage doors into their designs for aesthetic and practical reasons. There is something appealing about a certain style of garage door to accentuate a space. From glass doors or stylish carriage doors with windows to the rolling mechanics, garage doors can infuse a unique aesthetic into a space. From restaurants, gyms, and retail stores to music studios and even office spaces, garage doors are more common and popular in modern interior and exterior designs than you may realize.

Here is a look at some unique uses for garage doors in urban public spaces.




Many restaurants have adopted the rolling garage door as an aesthetic feature of their design. These spaces take advantage of the open style and casual feel of certain types of garage doors to create a distinct ambiance in the restaurant. In many layouts, garage doors can supplant walls and make for optional open air dining when the weather permits. These designs are both functional and aesthetic thanks to the remarkably versatile garage door.




Rolling garage doors have been a design fixtures in many gyms for a long time. From back alley gyms that are little more than extended garages to professional facilities that enjoy offering the industrial feel and open air option to the facility, garage doors are popular features in gyms. One of the major benefits of garage doors in these spaces in the ability to open the doors to let in natural light and airflow. During cold or inclement weather the doors can be closed and locked to secure and insulate the space. Gym environments are ideal for garage doors as they allow the space to be opened from a number of points to allow airflow and lighting into the space–both important during workouts.


Art/Music Studios

Music and art studios are both popular spaces that make use of garage doors to open up the space and add a certain aesthetic. The creative mind needs natural light and fresh air, but also the option of privacy and seclusion. The rolling garage door offers both. On a pleasant summer afternoon in the studio, letting the sunlight flood in and enjoying the breeze may be just what you need to finish your masterpiece. Conversely, when your bandmates need to crank the amps on their latest thrash song, you may need to shut the doors and contain the sound for the neighbors. .

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