Your garage can be the perfect place to escape from the world and work on a project, but if it is unreasonably cluttered, it may not have the feeling you wish it had. Even the largest garage can feel small if you do not maintain and organize it properly. There are many unique ways you can organize your garage. Each will make finding things, and producing new projects fun and easy.


There are often times while looking for something specific in the garage that it seems to be misplaced. It is impossible to find exactly what you are looking for, but you will find that socket wrench you were searching for last week. The best solution is to invest in chalkboard drawers and cabinets.drawers chalk

There are paints you can buy that will go over any surface. Once dried, the surface becomes identical to a chalkboard. Use chalk to label the surface of the drawers and cabinets. This way if you ever reorganize your garage, you can simply erase and label everything over again.

Even things that do not go in drawers should be properly labeled. Design a plaque to place over every item that hangs on the wall. Put each item back in its proper place every time. This will reduce confusion and make things easier the next time. Use unique ways to label your garage to ensure everything inside will have order.

The little things

Sometimes the small things that get forgotten can throw off the entire organization of the garage. If you have drill bits that you shove into a drawer, consider purchasing a metal strip to hang on the wall, and stick the bits along this section. This will keep your garage more organized, and keep these in a place you will never forget.little organization

While organizing your garage, take a look at all the options. It is important to remember to utilize all the space possible. By clearly marking where everything is, and organizing even the small things, your can utilize the best garage better than before.

By Cassie Costner