When choosing a garage door opener one must consider what type of features and safety options are available. Do you care if your garage door makes noise when it opens? Maybe your garage is located beneath a bedroom. If this is the case, a silent opener is probably your best option.

  • Cheap but noisy
  • Quiet and costly
  • Somewhat noisy and somewhat costly

Garage Opener Features

These days, all garage openers are equipped with a safety mechanism that forces the door to automatically stop and reverses whenever an object is to close to the opening. This reversing mechanism keeps your cars, family, friends and pets from potential harm. Keep in mind that like all safety features, this one still provides maintenance and regular testing to ensure it’s working properly. Other features include:

  • A rolling code feature is pretty standard and makes it difficult for a burglar to access the code to your garage.
  • Battery backup is not standard but important. This feature keeps your garage door functioning in the event that the electrical power is knocked out.
  • A keyless entry pad is most popular among home owners. This pad allows access to your home through the garage door without a key. If you’re prone to losing your keys like many of us, this feature is a no brainer.
  • A remote control means you don’t have to get out of the car to open your garage door. You just have to simply push a button from the inside of your car.

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