Your garage door can be dangerous when not properly attended to. Unfortunately, an alarming number of accidents happen around the garage door, whether it is with kids, pets, or even adults. It is events such as this that prompted more safety requirements to be put into place concerning garage doors. Thus the garage photo eye sensor was born, and made mandatory for new garages installed as of 1993.


Even if you have this safety tool installed in your garage door, it doesn’t guarantee the safety of all around the garage door. Be sure to monitor the sensor, to ensure it is working properly no matter the situation. There are a few maintenance issues that should be addressed on a regular basis to ensure the photo eye sensor in your garage is working properly.


Testing the sensor

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The sensor to your garage door needs to be in the best condition to prevent accidents from happening. If there is anything wrong with your photo eye sensor, get it looked at as soon as possible. There are a few things that need to be checked to ensure the sensor is working. Follow these steps on a regular basis to test the sensor, and keep your family safe:


  • Place something directly in front of the garage door sensor while the door is open. Press the button to close the door. Rather than closing, your garage door should stop immediately. If it falls on the object, something is wrong with the alignment of your garage door sensor, and needs to be addressed.
  • The sensors on both sides of the door should have an LED light. If either of these are blinking, it is a sign that it needs to be realigned into the proper position.
  • Clean the sensor with a cloth. If dirt or other debris has plastered itself to the sensor, it will cause problems. It is best to clean this yourself on a regular basis to prevent problems from occurring.



Make sure to do all these things to ensure the photo eye sensors for your garage door will keep you and your family safe. Kids and pets don’t quite understand the dangers that come with a closing garage door, and this will give you a little extra protection. If your photo eye sensor is not working properly and you have tested all these options, give us a call at A + Garage Doors. We can help get your garage door working efficiently and safely for your family.


By +Cassie Costner


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