Winter Garage










September is well underway with all the fun and responsibilities of fall to come. Some of the most important maintenance that can be done during this busy season is to winterize your home to prepare for the coming cold. While taking care of the essentials within the walls of your home, don’t forget about your belongings in the garage. Making these changes before the freeze of winter hits will be beneficial in ensuring these items will remain in good working condition and be ready for next season.


Clean the Garden Tools



Whether you store your garden tools in the garage or the shed, go through each one to clean, check for rust, and properly store each one for the coming winter. If you do find rust on any of the tools for your yard, buff each spot using steel wool. This will help stave off a more advanced problem later down the road. Put each of these tools away in a secure location for winter where they won’t be in the way and won’t be subjected to damage from the weather.


Bring Out the Seasonal



While moving these garden tools to an unneeded area of the garage, you will likely come across your winter seasonal items that had been put away last spring. Take these items out including snow blowers, shovels, sleds, Christmas decorations and more. Even though you might not need them immediately, put them in an easy to access area of the garage. This is a great time to test the snow blower to ensure it is still in good working condition.


Drain the Machines



Your lawn mower, weed wacker, and other gas powered devices should be left to run until the gas inside has been used up. Over the long winter months the gas inside these machines has the potential to become gummy, creating problems when starting up next spring. Take off the spark plug wire on your lawn mower for the winter to keep it in the best condition.


Move Liquids



Liquids normally kept in the garage during the summer for easy access should be moved to the basement of your home, especially if your garage isn’t insulated. This will help prevent freezing, which can compromise the effectiveness of these items. Put all of these liquids inside a secured location high enough to keep away from pets and kids.

There are a number of steps needed for the proper winterization of the items inside your garage. Make sure to take care of these things before the worst of winter hits. By making these changes, you will ensure a better transition for fall into winter, keeping your home running smoothly.

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