The worst part of spring cleaning, or mid-summer cleaning if you’re a little behind like we are, is that you’re left with piles of things you no longer want or need and nothing to do with them. This dilemma oftens ends up meaning that these items get reintegrated into your home and life, and then you have to start the whole process over again the next year when you get an itch to deep clean your home. One great solution to this, is to host a garage sale. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and you can easily make a few bucks off of things you don’t even want anymore. After the sale is over, you can take everything leftover to your local goodwill or thrift store, and be done with it. Often, hosting a garage sale is less hassle then trying to fit everything you don’t want into your car.

Organize your garage


It’s hard to host a good garage sale if your garage is a mess. You also don’t want people trying to purchase items stored in your garage that you actually want to keep. Organize the contents of your garage and put everything up in bins or on shelves, so they aren’t out in the open. This will automatically decrease the amount of snoopy people trying to go through everything you own and don’t actually want to sell.


Put most of your sale items on your driveway


Put a little table and chair for you in the shade of the driveway, but then try to put most of your sale items on your driveway instead of into the garage. This will keep people out of your things, and also makes it easier to monitor everything as your neighbors browse.


Sort and price your items


You’ll have an annoying day if everyone has to come back to you to ask what the price is for every single item. Get a few stickers and put the prices on your sale items, so there won’t be any questions unless someone wants to purchase it or negotiate on the price. Try to sort everything into different sections. Keep kitchen items together, bath items, yard tools, clothing, etc. This way people can shop by the category of the things they’re actually interested in.


Advertise your sale


Your garage sale will end early if you fail to advertise it. You can print fliers to hang around your neighborhood or at local businesses, and make small signs to put up around the neighborhood to direct people to your sale. You can also post about the sale on your social media, as well as online yard sale websites and facebook groups.