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Salt Lake City is a melting pot of city dwellers, urban families, and young professionals. At A+ Garage doors every home or business is unique to us, and we strive to always be prepared for whatever repair or installation needs to be done. One of the ways that we do this is to maintain a fully stocked truck at all times. This means that we will never be short a part because of the uniqueness of the garage door, or simple lack of stock. The variety of garage doors in Salt Lake City is vast, and we can meet the challenge with several types of parts and garage doors to fit your personal style and needs.



By staying on top of our stock and carefully monitoring when parts are low, we are able to maintain a healthy level of inventory, so that our customer’s needs will always be met. Whether it’s an edgy space downtown or a condo garage door in the avenues, we’ll have the part you need.

Garage door spring repair

Springs are often overlooked by consumers due to their seemingly minor role in the operation of the garage door. Nothing could be further from the truth, the spring is quite possibly the most important part of your garage door system. With this fact in mind, if a spring needs to be repaired or replaced A+ Garage Doors technicians carefully diagnose the problem and handle it with ease.

Garage door opener installation and repair

Licensed and insured, A+ Garage Door technicians in Salt Lake are experts in their field. They can easily examine a garage door opener, then continue to repair it quickly and efficiently. Even though a garage door opener performs a seemingly simple task, it can be hard living with a broken one. So don’t hesitate; get the problem fixed today!

Garage doors and cables

Dedicated to providing the best customer service and products, we carry only parts and doors that exceed customer expectations time and time again; this includes our cables. The cables we offer are over seven times stronger than our competitors. Call us today to see how your garage can be improved with stronger cables.



Diversity is a big part of Salt Lake City, but it’s also a big part of A+ Garage Doors. We offer a large variety of garage doors. There are several different styles to fit your personal aesthetic. Love modern? Our steel doors are the perfect option for you. Or maybe you’re a little more country, then take a look at our stunning wood doors. Texture and material is important when selecting the perfect garage door for your home, but so is color. We offer a large variety of colors so the door you choose is sure to fit in with the overall look and feel of the space it’s going to be put into.

To learn more about how we can help upgrade your home with a new garage door, or help solve a current problem in need of repair, give A+ Garage Doors in Salt Lake City a call now.


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