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Bountiful and the surrounding towns are home to a boisterous and growing community of families and businesses. Just north of Salt Lake, Bountiful is in a beautiful part of the valley that experiences all four seasons in a healthy dose. Whether it is the snowy winter and the sunny summer, Utah’s elements tend to wear down on all of our property, including our garage door. A+ Garage Door’s experience and expertise help us provide the people of Bountiful with efficient and affordable garage door services…

How We Serve the People of Bountiful

Garage Door Cable Repair

A garage door begins to look pretty trashy when it starts to develop dents and broken panels. This can ruin the aesthetic of an entire home, if you leave it like this. For this reason, our team helps the people of Bountiful keep their homes and neighborhoods nice with our years of garage door repair experience. Whether it is a broken panel or cable, we can make sure that your garage door is in pleasing, working order.

Garage Door Installation

A garage door makes up a large part of a home’s outer appearance. For that reason, it makes sense that families and homeowners would want to make sure that the aesthetic of their garage door matches with the rest of their home, or else the curb appeal of the home will suffer. We offer a wide variety of different garage door styles for our customers to pick from.

Garage Spring Repair

The spring is the core of a working garage door system, and will make the difference between whether it is even operational. There are a variety of different springs that work for different types of garage doors. Our team is has experience in repairing and replacing these springs, which can actually be pretty dangerous to replace yourself.

Garage Opener Repair

It’s pretty obnoxious to have a fully functional garage door, but to lose or damage your opener. You wouldn’t think so, but this little inconvenience can get annoying very quickly. We offer a wide selection of garage door openers, if you need to replace them, or we can even fix the one that you already have!

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