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Springville is a growing city situated just south of Provo in Utah County, and it has been steadily expanding over the past decade. With Springville’s prime location in the foothills of the Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mountains and near beautiful Utah Lake, we feel that it’s vitally important for its homes to carry that same aesthetic appeal. We carry garage doors in a wide variety of looks and finishes to suit homes of modern aesthetic and pioneer heritage alike. You can depend on us to quickly and cleanly install a beautiful, new door, or repair the existing door your already have in your Springville home. Contact us today to learn about what we can do for your property.



A+ Garage Doors has the skills and expertise necessary to handle any issue that you might encounter with your garage door. We’ll come to your home in Springville with trucks that are fully stocked with the equipment necessary to handle any unexpected issues that may arise. Whether you have an old style garage door or a modern one, we’ll make sure that your garage door always remains safe, reliable, and highly functional. Head over to our Garage Repair Services page to find out more about what we do.

Garage door spring repair

The garage door spring is perhaps the most important part of your garage door system and ultimately determines how smoothly your garage door opens and closes. If your garage door is functioning less than ideally, then there may very well be a problem with your garage door spring. A+ Garage Doors in Springville knows garage door springs inside and out, and is staffed by professionals who can repair them quickly and cleanly.

Garage door opener installation and repair

You can have a clean and perfectly functioning garage door system, but if there is a problem with your garage door opener, none of that will matter. An impaired or nonfunctional garage door opener quickly becomes a daily hazard and annoyance, and we at A+ Garage Doors are prepared to address it as quickly as possible. We carry a wide variety of garage door openers to fit any budget and garage door style.

Garage doors and cables

Garage door cables play an essential role in your garage door system, and they can experience breaking or minor problems from time to time. To ensure that your garage door system repair will last, we at A+ Garage Doors always use cables that are of the best quality, and that surpass the competitors in strength, durability, and lifespan.



We don’t stop at repairs when it comes to the garage doors; we can also install everything from a new door to the new parts that go along with it on your Springville home. A+ Garage Doors understand that aesthetic customization to match your Springville home is important, so we make sure to offer a stunning variety of doors in colors, styles, textures and more. Call us today!

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