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Though some people think a garage door is simply another piece to the puzzle of your home, A+ Garage Doors know that it’s so much more than that. Your garage door is not only an important daily function of your home, it’s also a statement of style and personal aesthetic. The garage door is a big part of any homes design, because of the amount of space it adorns on the front view of your Layton home. We have a wide selection of beautiful garage doors available, with numerous window, hardware, insulation, color and texture options to customize the look of your home.



Though we understand the looks of your Layton home is important, A+ Garage Doors also understands that functionality is just as, if not more important, than looks. A garage door that is reliable and safe, is on the top of the list of priorities when it comes to your home.

Garage door spring repair

Many home owners pay little to no attention to springs that sit inconspicuously in their garage door system. While this oversight is understandable, it’s not one that we want our customers to make. This is possibly the most important component to your garage door, and how smoothly it runs. Garage door springs are what allow the door to go up and down. A+ Garage doors in Layton has a deep understanding of the important role they play in your garage door and how to repair it safely and efficiently.

Garage door opener installation and repair

A garage door does two simple tasks everyday: open and close. But what if it didn’t do that anymore? It would quickly become a daily annoyance and safety hazard. A+ Garage Door carries a variety of garage door openers to fit any budget and garage door size. We can safely and quickly repair the problem, so your door will continue to do the much appreciated daily task it used to: open and close.

Garage doors and cables

Garage door cables are a seemingly small part of the garage door system, but even they can experience breaking or minor problems. Garage door cables can slip and slide, which creates a problem with the movement of the door. A+ Garage Doors cables are of the best quality, and surpass the competitors in strength, durability, and life time.



We don’t stop at repairs when it comes to the garage door in your Layton home; we install everything from the door to the parts that go along with it. Need just a spring installed? We have it. Or maybe just a new cable? Yup, we have that too! In addition, these parts are customized much like the door itself. We at A+ Garage Doors understand that aesthetic customization to match your Layton home is important, so we make sure  to offer a stunning variety of doors in colors, styles, textures and more. Call us today!

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