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A Plus Garage Doors has served Utah for over 10 years. During this time, we have gained a lot of experience and learned the best ways to take care of your Utah garage door. We have dedicated ourselves to providing the highest level of quality and care, and offer this same service to the city of Kaysville. If you live in Davis County, and need a garage door repaired, replaced, or installed, then give us a call!


Kaysville and Davis county is known for its powerful wind storms. These, along with other types of erosive weather, can cause a lot of damage to your garage door. A Plus Garage Doors has the knowledge to get your door in perfect working order again. Here are a few of the repairs we offer:

Garage door spring repair

The spring on your Garage door is one of the most essential parts. Acting as a counter balance, the spring allows the door to raise and lower, more smoothly. These springs need to be properly designed and installed to match each unique door. Our team has extensive experience in solving spring-based issues. We also offer a custom oil tempered spring that is able to last much longer than the average garage door spring.

Garage door opener installation and repair

Garage door openers are often overlooked. They are hardly thought of other than when you pull out, or pull into your garage. However, once they break and no longer work, that’s the time when you will sorely miss them. A Plus Garage Doors in Kaysville can get your garage door opener back up and running in no time, offering safety, reliability, and convenience for your family.

Garage door cables

You do not want your garage door to suddenly drop to the ground after only opening halfway. A cable wearing down and snapping is not only potentially damaging to your door, but can also be dangerous to you and your family. Let A Plus Garage Doors help you take steps to prevent this, and also assist with any other cable problems, so that you can keep your family safe, and keep your garage running smoothly.



If you are looking for a new garage door installation, A Plus Garage Doors in Kaysville can help with that, as well. We can help you find the perfect look to go with your home. We offer varying styles, from a classic look to a more modern trend. No matter what your taste and preference, we have the door you are looking for. We will install every part, including: doors, rollers, cables, and all, so that you can rest easy knowing your door will function perfectly. Call us today!

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