Garage door eye sensors are an important feature of every overhead door system. Eye sensors (also known as safety sensors or photo eye sensors) have been required on all new systems since 1993 to prevent accidents and injuries by detecting obstructions and reversing the door direction (read more about Federal Law UL 325).

Eye sensors are comprised of two parts: one transmitting sensor that sends an infrared signal, and another sensor that receives it. Much like your TV set, if anything blocks the signal, the system won’t function. Unlike your TV set, the signal has to remain uninterrupted while the door is in operation while moving downward.

garage door safety sensor lights
Example of LiftMaster eye sensors, which are conveniently color-coded.

For this reason, your garage door’s eye sensors are a common source of problems, especially due to their location. They are placed on the inside of the track near the floor, a place where objects could be stored, and an easy place for accidentally bumping a sensor with a foot or bike tire. It’s also possible for eye sensors to be affected by direct sunlight, cobwebs, dust, or other factors.

At A Plus Garage Doors, we’re familiar with every aspect of installation, repair, and maintenance of the safety features of your garage door system, including the eye sensors. If you’re having issues and are looking for help, check out our helpful guide about troubleshooting eye sensors. If you’re still having issues and live within our service area, we’d love to come out and help.