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At A+ Garage Doors, we pride ourselves on our ability to serve a variety of areas in northern Utah and along the Wasatch Front. This includes the Sandy area, where we have worked hard to provide seminal garage door repair services to the community for years and years. To help the families and individuals of Sandy, we offer a diverse selection of services to make sure that the local population knows that we understand their specific needs.

How We Serve the People of Sandy

Families who live in Utah know that your garage door needs to be able to withstand the constantly changing elements in Utah. From the cold, harsh winters to the blazing hot summers, Utah consistently has weather that beats away at our homes. For that reason, we offer the following services that are backed by experience in dealing with these elements:

Garage door repair

Garage doors, over time, wear down and get damaged. Our team is highly experienced in panel replacement and helping you make the most of your garage door through our repair services. If you have a garage door that is broken or dented, contact our team today to see what options we have available for you.

Garage spring repair

The spring of your garage door is one of the key components that makes it work efficiently, quietly, and safely. When a garage door spring breaks, our experienced team can help you with the relatively dangerous task of replacing it.

Garage opener repair and replacement

A garage door doesn’t do you a whole lot of good if you can’t open or close it. You never quite realize how much of a convenience that a garage door opener is until you don’t have it. If you’ve lost your garage door opener, or want your old one fixed, we offer a variety of different garage door opener and have the experience to fix pretty much any mainstream brand opener.


A garage door is such a large amount of a home’s curb appeal, and plays a major part into a home’s aesthetic. For this reason, it’s important to make sure that the garage door fits within the style of the rest of the home. A+ Garage Doors offers a variety of different styles that are meant to match the homes of families in Utah.

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