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Draper Garage Door Installation and Repair

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A+ Garage Doors serves a number of areas along the Wasatch Front, including Draper and the surrounding Sandy area. We love being a part of the Draper community; a diverse people, the residents of Draper and Sandy live in an area with many different types of homes and garage doors. Our products are built to be diverse, and fit any home in need of repair or installation. Not only do we love the city of Draper, A+ Garage Doors is also a locally owned and operated business. This means that we will always be there when you need us.



Being locally owned we understand the weather and life conditions your garage door has to face every day. The winds here can be fast and furious, the snow can be harsh and biting, and life with a big family can mean an accident every now and again. A+ Garage Doors has a clear sense of these and other local factors that may damage your garage door. Luckily, we are prepared and know how to fix them quickly and efficiently!


Garage door spring repair

From the appearance of the door to the mechanics of how it opens and closes, every garage door is different. Springs, which are the most the most important part of the mechanics of your garage door, are fitted to be customized to every garage door and it’s unique needs. Our repair technicians know how to handle the springs properly, so they can be repaired and or installed safely.

Garage door opener installation and repair

Isn’t it funny how something as simple as a broken garage door opener can become a major problem? Avoid the annoyance and heartache that comes with a broken garage door opener, and call the experts. We have a variety of sophisticated products that allow you to choose the speed at which your garage door opens and is extremely quiet. Or, simply let us repair the one you already have, so you can get back to a smooth morning routine.

Garage doors and cables

Garage doors are an important aesthetic for any home; it sets the tone for the front of the house. Have you ever seen a home with a garage door that just didn’t seem to fit style wise with the rest of the home? Or perhaps a door that was dented or broken without repair? At A+ Garage Doors we have a large variety of styles, so your garage door will always match your home. Our repair technicians also know how to fix garage door problems, such as slipping cables.



Having a garage door out of order can turn into a nightmare. Because we are locally owned, we can come to your rescue quickly to get the problem taken care of as efficiently as possible. The hassle of having to wait at home for hours or even days for a tech to show up are gone. At A+ Garage Doors, you can rest assured that your garage door and their components will be installed in a professional time and manner.

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