At A Plus Garage Doors, we believe that our team is what makes us great. We’re always looking for talented, driven individuals to join us. We offer a supportive environment where everyone can do their best work, and we’re passionate about making a difference in our community. 

We want our employees to feel like they are part of a team and that their work is appreciated. We offer benefits to every one of our employees including health insurance, paid vacation, and more.

Health Insurance

Medical, dental, and vision coverage is available for all full-time employees.

Competitive Pay

We fairly compensate all of our team members for their contributions to our success.

Paid Training

Earn while you learn. We help you skill up in your new role and pay you for it.

Paid Time Off

Everyone deserves some time to kick back and relax after their hard work.


We’re constantly improving through one-on-ones and group meetings.

Team Culture

We believe in mutual respect and working together towards common goals.

Life at A Plus Garage Doors

We believe that happy employees lead to a successful business. That’s why we offer a variety of company events throughout the year. From holiday parties to team-building days, there’s something for everyone. And, of course, we always encourage employees to socialize and have fun outside of work hours too. We believe that when our employees are happy and supported, they’ll be more productive and motivated in their roles.

Joining our team gives you the unique opportunity to have a great work/life balance. We offer flexible hours and scheduling so that you can take care of what you need to outside of work, and we have a relaxed dress code so that you can feel comfortable while at work.

Awards & Recognition