There are many questions surrounding wooden garage doors (many of which we answer on our FAQ page about them, by the way.) One of the commonest questions posed is, How do I keep my wooden garage door in tip-top shape? While a wooden door is a great alternative to a steel one because of its sturdiness, inability to dent easily, and striking beauty, it will still require some upkeep. Here are some tips to keeping your wooden garage door looking fresh and inviting for years to come.

General Cleaning

Cleaning your wood garage door is crucial to maintain its appearance and prevent damage from dirt and grime buildup. As for how to keep your garage door clean on a semi-regular basis, it’s best to shy away from power washing because it can potentially be too rough on your garage door—especially on softer woods. Instead, try cleaning it with a combination of a garden hose, a soft brush, and a diluted household detergent. After rising the soap residue, ensure the wood garage door dries completely to prevent moisture damage. Just clean as often as you see fit for your particular climate and circumstances.


It’s important to refinish your wooden garage door every so often to protect it from the harsh outdoor elements. Refinishing will also prevent the wood from drying out too quickly. The exterior of your garage door will definitely require more frequent attention because it is the side that faces all weather-related impact, but it’s important to ensure that both the exterior and interior of your door always have a good finish; the nature of wood and how it expands and contracts in varying levels of humidity means that an unfinished garage door interior will cause stress on the exterior. The good news is that refinishing is something that need only take an hour or two, and a well-kept garage door probably only needs to be refinished every 2 or 3 years.

Penetrating finishes like oils and stains are best for constantly-moving garage doors because they are durable and won’t peel or crack the way a film finish would when exposed to frequent movement. These also offer a variety of stain color options, allowing you to give your garage door a fresh look that will bring out the natural beauty inherent to the wood.

As for process, it’s rather straightforward. You’ll start by cleaning the door thoroughly to remove any grime or debris and letting it dry completely. Drying could take up to a couple of days. Then apply the stain in one coat with a brush or roller and let dry for about 30 minutes. Finally, go back over the wood with a dry brush after about 30 minutes of drying time to remove any excess stain that hasn’t sunk into the wood.

Technical Repairs

It’s also a good idea to inspect the garage door’s working parts every few months, checking for proper lubrication and alignment as well as any loose screws or springs. If you notice significant damage or if the garage door doesn’t operate smoothly, it’s time to call in the experts. Here are A Plus Garage Doors, we specialize in everything related to garage door upkeep, from spring and panel replacement to annual alignment and lubrication services. If you’re not sure if your wooden garage door is working as well as it should be, we’re here to help.

Caring for your wooden garage doors is essential to maintain their beauty and functionality. By following these tips on how to clean and refinish your wood garage door, you can extend the life of your doors and keep them looking stunning for years to come. If you need assistance or professional maintenance services, don’t hesitate to contact A Plus Garage Doors – we’re here to help you preserve the elegance and durability of your stained wood garage doors.

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