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Utah Garage Door Cables from A+ Garage Doors

The big three parts of a garage system are the springs, panels, and the cables. Garage door cables are the most important part of the seemingly simple garage door opener system. They are what pull the door for you instead of you having to go out in the elements to push open the garage door yourself. Our Utah garage door cables are built to last, period. These cables are different from your traditional cable, because they are thicker and stronger than the type that you might find at a local home improvement store. With daily use and a heavy load, we at A+ Garage Doors we have the cables you need for your garage.

Why Use our Cables?

Our garage door cables are made out of many premium materials that include such strengths like steel and aluminum. Trust us, you don’t want your garage springs failing you.

Utah Garage Door Repairs

Now, we have said multiple times in our FAQ and blog that each garage door system is unique. And, it’s true! Every garage door system is unique and may require a different length or type of cord. But, no matter what type of garage you have, we have the highest quality cables for our customers.  because of how much torque garage doors require to operate, many people who try to replace their own garage door cables end up harming their system or themselves  We can’t count how many times we have had to fix DIY garage installations and repairs. Call the pros to install your cables right the first time.

Our cables are thicker than the other guys’, making them seven times stronger than the other cables on the market with a long life expectancy, rest safe knowing that your garage door can handle the harsh elements and everyday use without sliding or breaking.

Our cables vs. the other guys’ cables




See the difference? Our cables are simply built to last unlike any cables you will find on the open market. All of our cables are made here in the USA, built by Murphy. 


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