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Your garage door is an important part of your home and shouldn’t be neglected. A Plus Garage Doors is here to provide you with premium garage doors and parts to operate them. A Plus Garage Doors is proud to serve the city of Orem. We provide high-quality repairs and installation services for residential and commercial garage doors, which is much needed in a growing place. Orem, Utah, is full of different styles of homes, and with that comes the need for garage doors that will complement the designs. That’s why A Plus Garage Doors provides a wide selection of garage doors to match the specific look of your home. Not only can a well-designed and matched garage door provide a great aesthetic, but it also simultaneously boosts the value of your home. Whether you’re looking for a new garage door or to repair your old one, you can count on A+ to take care of you. Give us a call today for an estimate.

To keep your garage door in working order reliably we choose to use the best parts for the job. One of the best components to help your garage door opener last for a long time are the springs. They’re responsible for assisting the opening and closing process so not all the stress is on the opener. Our springs are selected for each garage door to provide the best assistance for your unique design. Safety is a primary concern that we’ve taken into consideration. To help provide the safest opening and closing process we use cables that are thicker than what is standard to install. This helps them operate safely throughout the year while lasting longer than the standard cables. No garage is complete without the garage door opener, that’s why we’ve chosen to work with nothing short of quality. With a LiftMaster garage door opener behind the scenes, you’ll have a reliable and quiet garage door.

Material choice is one of the more important considerations when buying a new garage door. Each material choice comes with some pros and cons. Wood garage doors provide a wonderful natural look with the need for regular upkeep. While this isn’t for everyone it is worth considering for its beauty. Steel garage doors are sturdy, simple, and effective. They provide a sleek modern look while providing security thanks to the heavy-duty material. This material type doesn’t require as much upkeep as wood, but you’ll want to keep rust prevention in mind during winter times. If the upkeep just isn’t for you, but you want the metallic look you’ll be happy with aluminum garage doors. They are naturally resistant to corrosion and lightweight giving you two benefits with the existing great look.

If you’re trying to break out of what feels like a repetitive design in your area while still matching the aesthetic of your home, look no further. We’ve chosen to partner with Amarr and Martin Door to bring you many custom garage door options to choose from. With many custom options like window placements, panel designs, and more you’ll be able to stand out from your neighbors but still match your home. Check out our gallery section to see some of the amazing custom garage doors we’ve installed throughout Utah. When it comes to unexpected garage door emergencies you can rely on A+ Garage Doors to be there for you. We offer 24/7 emergency garage door repair for when these unexpected breakdowns happen. When you’ve got A+ on your side you’ve got little to worry about when it comes to your garage door.

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