At A Plus Garage Doors, we help Utahns install new garage doors on their homes and businesses in a variety of ways and styles. One type of garage door that is rising in popularity is aluminum doors, which are effective as a light, durable material that homeowners and businesses can use to create an aesthetically pleasing, yet highly functional garage door.

Types of Aluminum Garage Doors

What makes aluminum such an interesting material for garage doors is that there are two types of ways that it is primarily used in the industry, which means that you can bend it for a variety of styles. Here are the two major types of aluminum garage doors:

  • Standard: Standard aluminum doors are very similar to steel garage doors, and are typically just a change of material that makes for a lighter door that is more resistant to weather changes. Likewise, aluminum doors are usually injected with extra insulation.
  • Glass: Another common way that aluminum is used, often in conjunction with luxury homes, is by essentially creating a slotted aluminum frame that is filled in with reinforced windows. These types of garage doors are actually mostly glass, but function because of the aluminum frame.

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Different Types of Garage Doors

Aluminum Garage Doors FAQs

It depends. Aluminum tends to be used with garage doors that use a lot of windows, or designs that are less practical for steel due to the relative lightness of aluminum. The make, model, and style determines the price, and there is a lot of variability depending on the style you’re looking for. The best option is to get a quote from a reliable company.

Yes, aluminum doors are made to be durable. First of all, aluminum is very resistant to rust, which means it is less likely to wear away from moisture, over time. Just like steel doors, aluminum doors can be injected with insulation.

An aluminum garage door shares a very similar look to steel, which is a very popular style of garage door. In addition, aluminum frame doors are used for many types of sleek, modernist styles. Our team includes several door designers who can help you find the perfect fit for your home.

Certain models of garage doors only use aluminum, such as with full-view glass doors. Aluminum is lighter than steel, which means that it will put less strain on your garage door opener and springs over time. This makes it an exceptionally functional garage door material.