If you want the look of a wood garage door for your home but don’t want to deal with the maintenance that natural wood requires, we highly recommend wood composite doors. With these doors, you’ll enjoy the gorgeous natural look of wood along with the strength of resin-made composite materials.

Wooden Composite Garage Doors Utah

Wooden composite doors have the appearance of wood while having the strength of steel, and require less maintenance than a traditional wood door would. Extra wide laminated support rails give these doors the most structurally sound support of any garage door on the market. These frames are packed with environmentally safe, and CFC-free, expanded polystyrene insulation, which gives stability with no loss of R-value over time. The outside surface of these doors are thermoset melamine resins, that are combined with refined cellulose fibers. This creates an exterior skin that is practically immune to moisture, cracking, rotting, freezing, desert heat, and the damage from UV light rays.

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Wooden Composite Garage Door FAQs

The way that we have engineered the skin and frames of our wooden composite doors ensures that they won’t crack, rust, split, or dent under normal conditions. These doors are incredibly durable.

With these wooden composite doors, you can customize them to get the look that you want. Let us know what wood finish or paint you’re wanting to bring your vision to life, and we’ll make it happen!

These doors tend to hold up incredibly well through both rain and shine. While maintaining the look of wood, these composite materials won’t rot and offer an incredible amount of moisture resistance. As an added bonus, you run far less risk of insect damage that can occur with traditional wood doors.