At A Plus Garage Doors we provide our customers with only the best in garage door installation and repair. By extension, the brands we carry are the industry’s top performers; exceeding the expectations of customers all over the Wasatch Front.

Martin Garage Doors

Martin Garage Doors is a company that is devoted to enduring quality and peace of mind. This is made possible by using hardware that is a higher grade than the other guys. A great example of this is their lift cables, which are thicker-than-industry cables. These cables experience a longer life expectancy because of their extra thickness and are less likely to slip or break. It’s details like these in the Martin products that help them stand apart from the crowd, and it’s why we carry them at A Plus Garage Doors.

Amarr Garage Doors

A family owned company, Amarr has over five decades of experience with the complex system of garage doors. Years of experience has made them one of the world’s leading designers, manufacturers, and distributors of garage doors and their access systems. Though Amarr is known for its stylish designs and innovative technology, they also understand the basics of safety and durability; Amarr uses high quality materials such as heavy-duty steel to ensure that both of these qualities are met. A Plus Garage Doors is proud to be an authorized dealer in these products.

Northwest Garage Doors (Hormann)

Northwest Door has been around since 1946, and takes great pride in having one of the widest ranges of high quality residential and commercial garage doors on the market. The company was acquired by Hormann in 2015. They have a great selection of aluminum and steel doors with several styles and sizes to choose from. Having maintained a reputation for only distributing to the most acclaimed installation and garage door repair businesses, we are thrilled to be a certified Northwest Door provider. Quality garage doors add to the quality of your home, so upgrade your home now starting with a beautiful garage!


Making their debut in the early 60’s SSCORP quickly took the garage door industry by storm, providing customers with products that have been made with the knowledge of their then 63 year old founder. This however, was only the beginning of their rich history. Through the years they continued to make notable strides in the garage market, offering products that would quickly become a customer favorite around the nation. SSCORP is known primarily for the long life of their innovative garage springs, which are by far one of the most important parts of any garage door system. Using SSCORP springs and other products with our repair and installation services are a perfect marriage of great product and superior customer service.

Wayne Dalton Garage Doors

Since their start in the mid fifties, Wayne-Dalton has been on top of the newest in garage door technology. Continuing to come up with innovative ideas as the years rolled on, they were eventually recognized as one of the world’s leaders in garage doors and garage door openers. But it’s not just their dedication to new technology that makes them unique. Wayne-Dalton knows the importance of a green earth and being part of the solution. In 1978 Wayne-Dalton built a plant in Mt. Hope to develop an energy efficient, insulated garage door. We at A Plus Garage Doors also believe that you can have a beautiful home, a well functioning garage door, and go green.

LiftMaster Garage Door Openers

LiftMaster has been exceeding expectations in the safety and home security realm for over 45 years. LiftMaster products make it easier than ever to have access to your home while simultaneously putting you in control of how you come and go. Owners of MyQ technology, LiftMaster will help you monitor and control your home. From Garage Door Openers, Commercial Door Operators, Gate Operators, and Access Control Systems and Accessories. You can connect from any device. Reliable P3 Motors, as well as a patented battery backup, that will give you access to your garage even if your power is out. Dedication to safety and security comes with any installation of a LiftMaster product.