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Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs are two up and coming areas in northern Utah County, located just west of Lehi, American Fork, and Orem. There you’ll find beautiful homes situated near Utah Lake and the Lake Mountains;  at A+ Garage Doors install the garage doors to match them. We believe that your garage door is not only an important functional aspect of your home, but also a statement of style and personal aesthetic. A garage door, after all, makes up a significant portion of your home’s overall curb appeal, and thus we strive to make it a stunning aspect of your Eagle Mountain or Saratoga Springs home. With A+ Garage Doors, you have a wide selection of beautiful doors to choose from, with several window, hardware, insulation, color, and texture options for a truly customized look.



A+ Garage Doors is equipped to handle any garage door issue, and we will come to your home in Eagle Mountain or Saratoga Springs with the equipment and expertise necessary to handle any issue that may arise. We understand that equally important to having a beautiful garage door grace the front of your home, is having a garage door that works seamlessly. We’ll make sure that your garage door remains safe, reliable, and optimally functional. Take a look at our Garage Repair Services page to find out more about what we do!

Garage door spring repair

You may not pay much attention to it, but the garage door spring is at the very center of your garage door system. If there’s a problem with your garage door spring, chances are your garage door isn’t going to open or close at all. We at A+ Garage Doors in Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain understand the importance of a properly functioning garage door spring, and we have the skills and expertise necessary to repair springs safely and efficiently.

Garage door opener installation and repair

Your garage door opener is the piece of your garage that you depend on and interact with on a daily basis, so it’s important for it to work seamlessly. We at A+ Garage Doors carry a variety of garage door openers to suit any garage door size and budget. Should any problems arise with your garage door opener, we can quickly address them, so that your door will continue to do what it’s supposed to do. And if you happen to need a new garage door opener, we’re happy to take the guesswork out of installing it yourself.

Garage door cables

Garage door cables may not seem to be a major part of your garage door system, but they can develop minor problems which will undermine your garage door system completely. If your garage door cables slip and slide, for example, this creates a problem with the movement of the entire door. A+ Garage Doors uses the best quality cables—all of which surpass the competitors in strength, durability, and lifespan.



We do more than repairs on garage doors; we can come to your home in Saratoga Springs or Eagle Mountain and give your home an entirely new look with a new garage door. We can install everything from the door to the parts that go along with it; so whether you need an entirely new garage door and system, or you simply need a new spring or cable, we’ve got you covered. We at A+ Garage Doors understand that aesthetic customization to match your home is important, so we make sure to offer a stunning variety of doors in colors, styles, textures, and more—along with the customized parts that go with them. Contact us today!

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