best of state award

Here at A+ Garage Doors, we’re so proud to have received the 2018 Best of State award for residential maintenance & repair. Best of State is an organization dedicated to recognizing outstanding enterprise in Utah, awarding local businesses for proven excellence in their field, innovative approaches to technique and service, and a strong contribution to the quality of life in Utah. Learn more about the organization here.

Our Commitment to Customer Service

A+ Garage Doors was founded in 2004 with the dedicated purpose of bringing customer service back into the garage installation game. We saw that many garage installation and repair companies offered warranties with built-in loopholes, refusing to answer to their customers for sloppy workmanship. Furthermore, we noticed that as with many other home repair services, customers often experienced delayed appointments, rude servicemen, and frequent miscommunications.

And so we built A+ differently. With friendly technicians who adhere to a strict code of conduct, along with the very best in materials and craftsmanship, we offer our customers warranties that we stand by, and a customer service experience that goes above and beyond.

Helping Build Utah

Unlike most home service companies you’ll encounter, A+ Garage Doors helps to build up Utah through building strong relationships with our customers, our employees, and our community. We invest in each of our employees with extra training in communication, customer care, and technical repairs so that we can be sure our customers are receiving the quality of service that we promise to deliver. And we invest in our community sponsoring local sports teams, running charity drives, and offering pro bono work to locals in need of a helping hand.

Thank You to Our Customers

No matter how much hard work we put into our company, we could never achieve the success that we’ve experienced without our amazing customers. We’re honored by the trust you show in us every time you invite us to your home, whether it’s to install a brand new garage door, to do a standard tune up & lube, or to quickly take care of a needed repair.

Our greatest badge of honor is the feedback we receive from customers like you every day. A+ is proud to have one of the best customer satisfaction rates of any home service business in Utah. We always welcome feedback about your experiences with our company. Thank you so much for taking the time to help us to continually grow and improve!

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