For many people, the garage is a place to store everything that doesn’t fit inside the house. Like a built-in storage unit, garages quickly turn into a place where anything and everything can be put. While having a place to put your miscellaneous objects can be convenient, it can quickly turn into a disorganized mess. If you’re currently thinking about your garage and how messy it is, keep reading for some inspiration that will motivate you to take some time this summer and clean out your garage.

Fewer Pests

First and foremost, cleaning your garage will do a lot to eliminate pest problems or prevent them before they even happen. Unattended piles of junk are pests’ favorite places to make their home, and if you take measures to get rid of those piles, you’ll be doing yourself a favor in the long run. Additionally, people often store food in their garage, and when the garage is messy, mice, rats, and other pests have a free pass to all of it. Not to mention getting rid of garage pests is a nearly impossible task when there’s too much junk lying around for you to navigate it.

More Organization

This one hardly needs to be said, but it is worth repeating: the cleaner your garage, the more organized it will be. No longer will you need to rummage through all of your junk looking for your seasonal decorations, power tools, or anything else, because it will all be in its proper place. The time you spend cleaning and organizing your garage will ultimately pay for itself by saving you time in the future that you otherwise would have spent searching for things you’d misplaced.

Extra Space

A clean garage can serve multiple purposes. Instead of having it be entirely filled with junk that is scattered across the floor, you can organize it all to one side and park your car on the other. Or, you can find somewhere else to put your belongings and park multiple cars inside the garage. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can convert a clean garage into a workshop, play place, recording studio, mechanic shop, home gym, or anything else you can think of.

Appealing Aesthetic

Let’s face it: clean garages are much more appealing and attractive than dirty ones. In recent years, minimalistic home decorating has become a new trend, and for good reason—it’s been shown that the more organized a room is, the calmer and more focused we feel when we’re in it. Your garage doesn’t have to be a place you’d be embarrassed to have your guests see. When you take the time to clean it, you’ll thank yourself every time you walk inside and are happy with what you see.

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