The 92LM remote control (with yellow battery indicator light) can activate two separate garage door openers, gate openers, entryways and/or light controls. (Instructions for programming light products are included with those accessories.)
The smooth push button works only with receivers having a yellow indicator light. The rolling code between this channel and the receiver changes with each use, randomly accessing over 100 billion new codes.
The grooved push button is for use when several persons are operating one receiver. Its code can be matched to other CGI manufactured fixed code or billion code remotes.
The code between this channel and the receiver remains constant until reprogrammed. Instructions are described and illustrated below.

When Used with Security+ Garage Door Openers

To program the opener to accept the remote control code:

  1. Press and hold the smooth remote control push button. See Figure 1.
  2. Press and release the “Smart” (learn) button on the opener panel. See Figure 2. The indicator light on the panel will begin to blink and the opener lights will flash once.
  3. Release the remote push button.

Now the opener will operate when the smooth push button is pressed.

Adding a remote can also be done from the door control, as follows:

  1. With the door closed, press and hold the smooth push button.
  2. Press and hold the Light button on the door control.
  3. Press and hold the door control push bar.
  4. After the opener lights flash, release all buttons. Test by pressing the smooth remote push button

To Erase All Remote Control Codes From The Receiver

Press and hold the “Smart” button on the opener panel until the indicator light turns off (about 6 seconds). All transmitter codes inside the receiver are now erased. Then follow the steps above to re-program each remote control.

When Several Remotes Operate One Device

To match the 92LM to another CGI manufactured remote’s code (Remote Control X):

  1. Press and hold both push buttons of the 92LM until the battery indicator light begins to blink. (It will blink for 30 seconds; during this time it is in “learn” mode.)
  2. While it is in learn mode, hold both transmitters back to back with the FCC labels touching.
  3. Press and hold the Remote Control X push button until the 92LM indicator light blinks very rapidly, indicating it has learned the code. (If Remote Control X is also a 92LM, you must press and hold its grooved button.)

Now the device will operate when the grooved push button is pressed. This code will remain inside the remote control until replaced with a new code by repeating the above steps.


LiftMaster: Remote Control – Model 92LM Security+ 2-Channel Remote Control

  • When Used With Security+ Openers
  • Erase All Remote Control Codes
  • Several Remotes Operate One Device


Children operating or playing with a garage door opener can injure themselves or others. The garage door could close and cause serious injury or death. Do not allow children to operate the wall push buttons or remote controls. A moving garage door could injure or kill someone under it. Activate the opener only when you can see the door clearly, it is free of obstructions, and is properly adjusted.

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