Most people recognize that trampolines and swimming pools can present a real danger. What they may not think about is the danger presented by a garage door.

Automatic photo-eye sensors have made garage doors a lot safer, but they still present a hazard. Each year, thousands of children and adults are injured by garage doors. The three most common injuries caused by garage doors are:

  • Fingers getting caught in the sections of the garage door
  • The garage door being lowered onto somebody
  • Injuries caused by someone attempting to repair a garage door problem themselves

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure that a loved one isn’t injured by a garage door. Here are a few simple steps you can take toward greater garage door safety:

  1. Keep hands and other body parts away from the garage door while it is in motion. Fingers and other body parts can become trapped, leading to serious injury.
  2. Don’t ever let anybody hang on a garage door. Kids often want to do this, but it can result in injury to the child and damage to the garage door.
  3. Never duck under the door while it is operating. Even if a photo-eye sensor is installed, there’s still the chance of the door malfunctioning and closing on someone.
  4. Keep the garage door well maintained. Utah garage door repair experts will make sure that the photo-eye sensors are working and that the door itself is still operating correctly.

One of the best steps you can take toward greater garage door safety is installing photo-eye sensors. Most new homes have them, but many older homes lack these vital tools that help prevent the emergency situation of someone being pinned by the door. If you’re ready to update to the newest and safest garage doors, talk to the Utah replacement garage door professionals!


Photo-eye sensors greatly reduce the risks presented by garage doors

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