Being stuck inside our outside your garage during the winter can be a terrible experience.  The garage is the main point of entry for many families, and if you cannot access it, you may have to leave your car outside to face the elements.  If your garage is stuck open, it can quickly increase your heating bill from the escaping heat.  Below are the most common winter woes that can happen when your garage door is exposed to the elements.  

Garage Door is Stuck to the Ground

Water can infiltrate the weather stripping and freeze when the temperature drops.  This can cause the weather stripping to stick to the ground.  If the garage is able to open, it can tear the stripping, escalating the problem.  If your garage door is frozen shut, do not continue to press the button as it can damage the motor.  Do not chip at the ice, as it can tear the seal.  Salt water or rock salt is the best way to unfreeze a garage door, just make sure to clean it off as it can corrode the weather stripping.  To prevent this from happening, make sure that your garage door is clear of ice and snow.  Coating your weather stripping in a silicone spray or even pam will prevent it from sticking.  

Broken Springs

If your garage motor has trouble raising the garage door, you might have broken springs.  The springs support the 300 lbs or so of the garage door, and if they are broken, your garage door might stop working.  Springs are most likely to break during the winter months.  Garage door spring repairs are the most common reason why people call for a garage door repair professional.  While you can replace the springs yourself, it is wiser to call a garage door professional to repair it for you.  

Contracting Metals

When metal becomes cold, it will contract.  Your garage door may not work as efficiently if its metal parts become smaller.  There isn’t much you can do to prevent the metal from contracting, but you can ensure that your garage door is properly lubricated and oiled so that it keeps moving efficiently.  

Lubricant Problems

There are two main lubricant problems that can happen in the winter: thick grease and too much grease.  Most greases are made to work in hot temperatures, so when they become cold, they start to thicken, making them inefficient.  Sometimes people put too much grease on their garage door, making the parts and rollers slip out of alignment.  Remove any excess grease from your garage door, and if necessary, contact us today to realign your garage door.   

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