A pest invasion can turn your home into a nightmare, real quick. It’s for this reason that people are militant about preventing pests from getting into their home. However, while people take great care to be vigilant about looking for pests in their homes, garages can often be left unnoticed, which increases the likelihood of pests getting into the rest of your home. Protecting your garage from pests is one of the first steps to take to prevent them from taking over your life. Here are some tips to prevent pests in the garage…

Routinely clean garage

There is no place that insects and rodents thrive more than a dark, damp, and neglected space. Believe us; if you leave a space alone for a long enough time, pests will find a way to get in and take over. That’s just what they do. This can easily be avoided, though, by making sure that you are cleaning your garage, routinely. This doesn’t mean doing a crazy, thorough, take everything out and put it back in type of garage cleaning every single week. However, going out once a week to do a quick sweep that keeps the garage looking neat and allows you to inspect for signs of pests keeps a problem from getting out of hand too quickly, should it start.

Use necessary traps

Every garage is going to have a few entry points that pests will be able to work their way into. You can make these spots less vulnerable by using a few strategically placed traps that will attract and trap pests as soon as they are in your garage. Depending on what kind of pest you most expect to get, the type of trap you use will change as well. If you ever find rodent droppings or other signs of pests inside your garage, lay a few more traps around to try to stop the problem before they start to breed and take over entire sections.

Keep weather-sealed

Rodents, and especially insects, are drawn to moist areas. A dry area is almost always less likely to be infected with pest problems than a damp area. For this reason, it’s a good idea to make sure that your garage is weather-sealed, and to do maintenance on weather-seals about once a year, just to make sure they are still operational. Should water leak into your garage, make sure that you clean and dry that area quickly.

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