Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors are the most common of all garage doors. It is easier to make a custom steel garage door versus any other garage door material. There are several overall benefits to steel garage doors, which bring a higher return on your investment versus that of other garage doors such as value, safety, durability, and the level of maintenance steel garage doors require versus that of other higher-end garage doors.

Value of Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors are the most cost-effective of all garage door replacement options. Steel garage doors last longer than garage doors made of synthetic materials. Steel requires less annual maintenance, compared to doors like wooden garage doors, to continue to look attractive throughout the years. 

Barn style garage doors in Utah

Safety and Durability

Steel garage doors are strong and do not warp from weather compared to other garage doors like wooden ones. It is highly recommended that they should be bought insulated with a steel backing. Steel back insulated garage doors are the highest level of insulation a garage door can have. 

Insulated garage doors paired with weather trim help to prevent air leaks and provide a comfortable environment inside of the garage. The combination helps with energy bills during extreme weather months, helping to acclimatize the garage and the home from the outside weather. Steel back insulated garage doors are better resistant to dents, which helps the steel garage doors last longer. There are different levels of insulation, the highest being the steel back insulated, providing more durability. Steel back insulated garage doors reduce outside noise and are also quieter while operating. 

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    Less Maintenance

    Steel garage doors are lighter, taking less toll on the garage door opener, helping the opener to last longer. To ensure your garage door lasts for as long as possible, we recommend an annual cleaning to spray off any dirt making sure it is cleaned out of any cracks or crevices in the garage door.

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