For many homes, a garage door makes up a large portion of what a home looks like from the curb. An ugly garage door can take over the aesthetic of a home and make the rest of the work that you put into your home and yard undermined, all because of one less-than-attractive door. Ideally, you could just replace your garage door with something that is more up your alley. However, not everybody has the ability to just drop money on a new garage door. Luckily, you don’t need to do that! Here are some cheap ways that you can makeover the garage door you already have!

Decorate for the season

First of all, you can make your garage door change with the seasons and adapt to each upcoming holiday, which can complement the rest of the holiday decorations that you put up around your home. For an example this month, decorating with cobwebs or cardboard tombstones can put your house in the Halloween aesthetic. Using lights that display spooky patterns (which you can get from any Halloween store) can also help add to the look of your garage door at night.

Accessorize with barnhouse accents

You can go to any craft store and find a couple packages of cheap barn door accents that you can glue onto your garage door to give it a more rustic aesthetic. This includes handles and vinyl trim that bring contrast to the garage door and give it a little more of a complex look.

Add vinyl windows

If you have the time to do some serious renditions and construction on your garage door, it can be a cost effective solution to make windows and then frame them within your garage door. While glass windows can get pricy, you can find sheets of clear plastic vinyl and acrylic for very cheap. This not only makes your garage door more aesthetically pleasing, but also adds an element of appeal on the inside of your garage, because of the natural light.

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