Here in the Salt Lake Valley and surrounding regions, we are proud to own homes nestled all along the Wasatch front. The nearby Wasatch Mountains make many Utah homes true mountain homes, to be sure. Yet not all homes can claim to have that authentic “mountain home” look. Do you own a home in Utah near the Wasatch Mountain range? Here are some tips for giving the outside of your home that authentic mountain look.

Give preference to stone and wood.

True mountain homes are always composed of two primary materials: stone and wood. Opt to use local materials throughout the front of your home, such as locally quarried stone and native cut timber. And as you install them on and around the front of your home (in the form of raw-cut wooden pillars or a stone accent wall, for example), go for finishes that bring out the natural beauty of your materials.

Install oversized windows and doors.

This is a tip that may be difficult to apply if your home is already built, but you should definitely consider it if you are building a home in Utah. The most beautiful mountain homes feature oversized windows and doors, allowing you to take advantage of magnificent mountain views. Opt for windows that let in plenty of sunlight if you want it to have a more “mountainy” feel.

Go for wooden garage doors.

Wooden garage doors are especially popular in Utah because they really complete that mountain home look. They can be made from a variety of wood types and give a timeless, natural look to any home. Visit our Wood Doors page to begin looking at the possibilities that are open to you with wooden garage doors.

Stick with a neutral color palette.

Mountain homes draw their color palettes directly from nature and the raw materials from which they are built. When determining the color palette of your home’s exterior, go with colors that will complement that natural wood and stone your home is made from. Rich, saturated tones in the grey, taupe, brown, and cream color families work especially well. And if you really want to use color (especially in the interior of your home), make sure they are strong colors such as deep red, green, or blue. Pastel colors are simply too weak for mountain homes.

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