Top 3 Hi-Tech

Garages are one of those common, everyday items that you take for granted and never really think too much about. In terms of technological advancements, garages are probably not the structures that come to mind, but technologically sophisticated garages are more commonplace than you might imagine. Luxury features and mechanical design are what set high tech garages apart from standard, less innovative ones. Still, a lot of this garage technology emphasizes resource and energy savings as well. Garages are much more versatile spaces than many people realize and the tech surrounding garage door use and design reflects these multi-functional structures. Here is a quick taste of some top high tech garage features.


Solar Powered Garage


Solar panels are an energy efficient modification to homes, but what about garages? Energy consumption in the garage can be high–especially among those who use their garages for regular work. Electricity consumption in a garage can rival that of the home in some instances–making solar panels a great investment. Certain kinds of solar panels can even provide tens of thousands of kilowatts in power throughout the year. For home mechanic shops, music studios, or other kinds of workshops, the energy required to power these spaces can be exorbitant. Solar panels can be great alternatives to help meet the power needs of specialized garage spaces.


Underground Home Garages


For the ultimate in tech, underground home garages are almost as premium as it gets. The garage that raises and lowers with the push of a button to reveal a hidden space complete with luxury cars is a very real tech feature of garages. The luxury car may not be a real feature in your garage, but the underground design is surprisingly common. Most underground garages consist of an underground compartment as the garage itself with an elevator platform that can raise and lower the vehicle. As an aesthetic design to store one or two cars, the underground garage is a clever high tech feature that often supplements an above ground garage.


Multi-Level Home Garages


The multi-level home garage is the top of the line garage design for the car collector. A multi-level home garage is the equivalent of a parking structure that can accommodate a large number of vehicles and other aesthetic features like lounges and workspaces. Many multi-level garages feature a dedicated mechanic shop complete with elevators to transport vehicles around the structure. Wealthy car enthusiasts often build these types of garages as museums of sorts to showcase collections of rare or vintage cars. These are undoubtedly some of the most technologically advanced and premium garages since the sheer size enables mass storage and high tech features to abound.

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