Glass garage doors just might be the one style and material of garage door you’ve never considered. The first thing to understand about glass garage doors is that garages and garage doors have many functions outside of the traditional storage shed most people associate with garages. Glass garage doors are often used to open up a living space, re-imagine the ambiance of the space, and get creative with the interior design.. Garages converted to living spaces and additions that utilize garage doors as a unique way to open up the space typically opt for glass garage doors. Glass garage doors allow natural light to filter in, create visibility, and can add an industrial, artistic, inviting aesthetic to a space. Here is a quick look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of glass garage doors.

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Location and Function

Depending on where you live and where your garage is located, a glass garage door may simply not be a practical option. Privacy is the most obvious potential disadvantage–particularly when it comes to storing valuables. With a glass garage door all of your contents are readily visible. While the strength of the door isn’t as much of a question; the visibility may be too enticing for the thieving mind to disregard. This is, however, also a question of what kinds of valuables you are leaving in your garage and the opaqueness of the glass in the door. If you are set on a glass door, consider storing valuables elsewhere. For garages set back on the property or attached to the house, glass doors can be a nice option. Keep in mind that doors are subject to wear and weather, so consider carefully the function of the door.

Insulation and light

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Most quality glass garage doors are constructed with insulated glass to maintain climate control. There are also variations in opaqueness in the glass to regulate how much visibility there is from the outside. These characteristics can be benefits as well as disadvantages. Even with insulated glass, these types of doors can still be inefficient compared to steel or wood alternatives. The glass door is basically a large floor to ceiling window and, as such, is subject to the same temperature disadvantages. Glass doors can allow a lot of heat to escape and cold enter. Because of this, the location and contents of the garage should be strong considerations when installing a glass door. The open visual field into the space, however, also present benefits like natural light and a more inviting aesthetic–particularly when the garage is used as a workspace, living space, or studio. This may even inspire you to reinvent the interior of the space.

Materials and Better Space

One of the major advantages of glass garage doors is the potential to reconstruct the ambiance and enliven the space. This is accomplished with a combination of garage door materials, location, and of course, vision. Styles, colors, and glass are all important components of the overall appearance and function of the door. Certain types of glass may be better suited for certain locations more than others. The style of door and visibility aspect may inspire you to renovate the interior of the garage and reinvent the space. All of the natural light and bold aesthetic of the space may encourage you to remodel or convert the garage interior–offices, workout rooms, studios, or just a more organized storage room are all great possibilities.

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